Welcome, let’s shake it off!

Hello and welcome to my little website for all things music! I consider myself to be a PRO at knowing the hottest tracks, all the lyrics and what’s newest and latest.

I always know when a song is going to become a hit, or a band is gonna be a one hit wonder.  I’m a bit of a musician myself. I’m hoping this site will maybe help launch my own singing career. I play a bunch of instruments but namely guitar and piano. I like to dabble in a bit of all types of music, pop, rock, classical… you name it, I can do it.

I think music inspires creativity, positive energy, dancing, exercising, using your body for good. I hope you enjoy my site and my music!

First let’s listen to one of the hottest songs on the market right now, SHAKE IT OFF! :)

Hope you enjoy my site and bookmark me to come back for the top tracks of 2014 and 2015.