What Should You Expect?!

So you probably have a ton of questions for us and that’s ok! We have a ton of answers for you! So hopefully on this post or on a future post, we can help by answering all those questions that may be pinging on the inside of your little heads…. haha get it…. ohh nevermind…… if you don’t then, we mean music! That’s what those little pings are going to be inside of your head every time you come around and visit our site!

Some of us here at whatnoise.org listen to and appreciate music for many reasons, mostly whether we listen to it in our car, at work, riding around with friends, family events, social gatherings or maybe even trying to bump some of your favorite tunes while you are out getting that amazing workout in. Whatever the case may be you love music for some reason or another. Lets take a look at some of the different genres you may come across on our website, and for future reference you will always be able to find them using the categories link.

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