Where to party?

At some point in time you begin to worry about a few things in your life, like will you be successful and will you manage to make it to the place that you originally set out to go. We all have some sort of thing we would like to accomplish in life and that is where our head needs to be at the moment. Mostly during the week we work our asses off and hope that the weekend will help bring some type of joy to us. For most of us, it really does! But sometimes the going gets tough and the weekends are there to show us that we need to try a little harder during the weekdays so that we may accomplish the task of being able to afford to live freely and have some alone time on the weekends. This up coming weekend, we have the chance to go out on the town and party while being chauffeured by one of the best chauffeurs in the industry. Have you ever been driven around town by an amazing individual? Well its like you are catered to for a few hours and by the end of the night when you are really drunk, you have an awesome person to care for you and your friends and see to it that you all make it home into a peaceful environment. They pick you up at home and drop you off exactly where they picked you up. Check out this video and it might be able to shed some light on the subject.

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Expectations From Here On Out

So what is up everybody?! I just want to elaborate on the day at hand and just wanted to share exactly who I am and maybe post a few photos or share a few videos and what not. I am about to make this a baller ass article website if any of you couldn’t tell already. I have some of the best ideas and I want to show the world just what I can come up with if that makes sense to anyone else in this biatch. I like taking photos, I love music, I love reading and writing articles, and I love my life and where I am headed. The past few years have been a little rough , but things are looking bright into the not so distant future. I have found many ways to make money and have found that multiple streams of income on a fixed budget is the easiest and may be one of the best ways to live your life financially. If you are struggling to make ends meet, then you may want to invest your time a little more wisely. I have struggled with this recently and I decided that I just had to go for what ever is was that I believe in. So here is a beautiful photo of someone sitting on top of a building looking down onto the city. This is what I mean about having high expectations for life and where you are headed and you shouldn’t be falling short of those things no matter what the task or goal is in life.

On Top Of The World

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My Musical Taste

So you probably have a ton of questions for us and that’s ok! We have a ton of answers for you! So hopefully on this post or on a future post, we can help by answering all those questions that may be pinging on the inside of your little heads…. haha get it…. ohh nevermind…… if you don’t then, we mean music! That’s what those little pings are going to be inside of your head every time you come around and visit our site!

Some of us here at whatnoise.org listen to and appreciate music for many reasons, mostly whether we listen to it in our car, at work, riding around with friends, family events, social gatherings or maybe even trying to bump some of your favorite tunes while you are out getting that amazing workout in. Whatever the case may be you love music for some reason or another. Lets take a look at some of the different genres you may come across on our website, and for future reference you will always be able to find them using the categories link.




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